Our Team
At Buncee, our goal is to provide classrooms with technology that makes learning fun and empowers student voice.
Marie Arturi
Founder / CEO
Claire Cucchi
Bryan Gorman
Schools Relationship
Francesca Arturi
Schools Relationship
SooJeong Han
Business Development
YoonDo Chung
Support Specialist
Eda Gimenez
Strategy & Business
Affairs Manager
Shinn Zhang
Instructional Coordinator
Gabrielle Comanda
Marketing Associate
Nana Chen
Product & Development
Aman Dhawan
Project Manager
Young Sup Lee
Software Engineer
Haley He
Software Engineer
Ravi Pathade
iOS Systems Engineer
Michael Tabb
QA & iOS Engineer
A letter from the CEO
Where did the idea for Buncee come from? Friends, family, educators, and students have all asked me this question.
Years ago, my daughter, Daniella, passed away from treatment complications related to a very rare bone marrow failure disorder, called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). Our family’s loss motivated us to establish the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation to help fund efforts to advance the state of DBA science and ultimately find a cure. The idea for Buncee came at the end of one of the medical research conferences we hosted. Following a successful conference, I was looking to send a thank you note to all the amazing doctors and scientists who attended. In reality though, I was looking for more than a thank you card; I wanted to share a digital story of the event. I searched for something that would allow me to combine photos, videos, research articles, and a personal message. At the time, there wasn’t a tool in existence that enabled me to share such a media-rich story with unlimited customization. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and Buncee came to be through that journey. Building Buncee into a tool for the entire schoolhouse to create has been deeply fulfilling. Throughout this adventure, educators, students and administrators have shared countless stories about Buncee helping students find their voice. Our goal has been to make the tool as easy as possible to use so that even very young students can create independently. They are able to engage with and immerse themselves in what they are learning, and therefore communicate more robustly. I want students to feel that they can truly own and share their stories. As a mom, knowing that Buncee helps children have fun while they learn, and that this same effort will go back to help DBA is very, very rewarding. The idea for Buncee didn’t originate in a school, but the schoolhouse is where Buncee belongs. The amazing projects and lessons we see teachers, students, administrators doing on Buncee remind us of this everyday. It’s been wonderful to meet our users from around the world, both in person and online. I look forward to the future of Buncee, and watching our (digital) story unfold! To share your story with us, email info@buncee.com
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